What can you get delivered with this app?

Food delivery, grocery delivery, alcohol delivery, flowers delivery, gifts delivery, retail delivery, home appliances delivery, parcel delivery, documents delivery, cake delivery

That fried chicken burger you have been craving,

we’ll bring it to you in no time!


That mushroom quinoa burger from your favourite vegan cafe,

it’s on it way.


The restaurant you love that doesn’t deliver or isn’t listed on other delivery apps,

we’ll takeaway what you want.


If the idea of shopping with your little one has exhausted you already,

we’ll shop for you and deliver groceries and dinner!


That camera that’s on sale at your local JB Hifi but delivery from warehouse take 2 days,

we can deliver it in an hour.


Or that stunning dress on sale you must get but you are stuck at work,

we’ll pick it up and deliver it to your desk.


And if your firm needs documents or parcels delivered from A to B quickly,

we are your super fast couriers.


Almost anything that’s easy to carry and fits in a car,

Qwik Drop can deliver it in an hour or less.


Qwik Drop is Adelaide’s fast delivery service that connects you with local couriers.


Our couriers can pick or purchase, almost anything you need,

from any store or location and deliver it asap.