Frequently Asked Questions


What is QWIK DROP?


Adelaide’s fast delivery and on-demand shopping service that connects you with local couriers.

Qwik couriers can purchase the items you need, from any store, and deliver them to you asap.

If you have already purchased the items or just need something picked up and delivered to you, use Qwik Drop delivery.

Qwik Drop can also courier documents, mail, parcels or boxes from A to B, fast for personal users or businesses.

How can I request a delivery?


Users can place a delivery order on the website or IOS/Android mobile apps.

Partner stores, business clients and subscription users have direct access to our dispatch system for fast delivery bookings.

What can I get delivered?


Almost anything that fits in a car and can easily be carried.

It could be one item, few items or a long shopping list.

Fast Food, Restaurant Food, Beverages, Snacks, Coffees, Desserts, Cakes, Groceries, Pharmacy items, Gifts, Flowers,

Clothes, Electronics, Online Orders Pick Up, Tools & Parts, Homewares

Office Supplies, Office Equipment, Stationary, Mail, Documents, Parcels, Small Boxes, Last minute packages,

Dry Cleaning Pick Up, Personal Shopping, Personal Items,

Late night pick ups from convenience stores, Alcohol / Liquor, Cigarettes, other Errands and much more.

If you require delivery of an item which is heavy or does not fit in a car, you can Contact Us .

Qwik Drop has a variety of vehicles including bicycles, motorbikes, cars, utes, vans & trucks.

Can QWIK DROP purchase items or shop for me?


Certainly can! Purchases of up to $300 in total order value can be made on your behalf. 3% service fee applies.

For a quick purchase of few items from one store, there is no shopping fee, only the delivery fee.

If you request several items (6+) shopping fee applies to compensate drivers for time spent working.

You can add items per shop on order page or for convenience, upload the shopping list on order page.

If you need items purchased exceeding $300 order value, you must Contact Us before submitting the order and arrange

upfront funds transfer via ‘Pay ID’.

How much would my delivery cost?


Delivery Fee with in 3 Kms – starting $9

Delivery Fee with in 6 Kms – starting $12

Service Fee – 3% of purchase amount (if applicable)

Shopping Fee – $5 per 10-minute (if applicable)

You can save money on service fee and shopping fee by ordering and paying the store directly, online or over the phone,

and using Qwik Drop to just pick up and deliver to you. i.e Click and Collect or Prepaid takeaway.

Public Holiday rates apply

Does QWIK DROP deliver in my area?


Qwik Drop can deliver to most western, eastern and southern suburbs of Adelaide.

If you are outside our delivery zone or want to confirm if we can deliver to your area, Contact Us .

Can I change or cancel my order?


For any changes to your recently placed order, immediately contact your designated driver via tracking screen.

Changes to pick up or delivery locations may be requested but additional fees may apply.

Cancellation fee of $5 applies if an order has been accepted by a driver, but no progress has been made.

If the driver has already purchased items, especially if they cannot be returned, you cannot cancel your order.

If the order has not been accepted by a driver yet, you will be fully refunded.

How are delivery fees, shopping fees or purchases charged?


We process digital payments only using ‘Stripe’, ‘Square’, ‘Beem App’ or Pay ID / Osko.

Delivery fee is charged at check out when you submit an order or before delivery. You can pay securely with a Visa, MasterCard or Amex card.

If your order involves purchases, your Debit/Credit card will be charged automatically for the order value + 3% service fee.

Shopping fee will be also be charged if you requested more than 6 items or items from more than one store at a location.

In some cases, you may pay when items are delivered to you with a ‘Square’ eftpos machine.

Subscription clients and merchant partners are invoiced weekly.

Receipt for order is electronically provided to you in a reasonable time.

Tax Receipts for purchased items are provided at delivery completion.

Are there items QWIK DROP does not deliver?


Dangerous Goods, Regulated Goods, Illegal Goods, Stolen Goods, Extremely Delicate Items,

Large machinery & equipment, Heavy Items.

No Humans & Pets.

Can I deliver for Qwik Drop as a courier?


Yes! You can sign up as a courier or delivery driver with Qwik Drop

You must have an ABN, an iOS or Android smartphone, a valid Driver’s Licence, a delivery vehicle,

a Police Check issued with in last 6 months, a bank account with debit/credit card and PayID.

Once your application is approved, you can start delivering and earning money!

How secure is QWIK DROP website and mobile app?


The website and mobile applications have 256-bit encryption and payment processing is PCI compliant.

Drivers contracted by QWIK DROP are verified and insured.

When items are delivered, signature and photo proof options are available.


Are my items insured ?


Couriers cover a maximum of up to $200 in total per order or up to the order amount or value, whichever is the lower amount.

This cover applies only if the items are proven to be damaged in transit.

It is your responsibility to adequately insure your valuable items or items that are particularly fragile or delicate.

You bear the risk of loss, damage or deterioration to any items prior to pick up, in transit and after delivery, including

purchased items.


Does QWIK DROP provide tailored delivery solutions?


Certainly! Contact Us to discuss your needs and we’ll set up a client account that is right for you.

Whether you are a busy individual, a business, or a store / restaurant requiring regular delivery services, QWIK DROP is your delivery partner!


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