Time poor? This delivery service is a life saver!

Everyone is busy. Tick tick tick.

We’re always rushing, racing the clock.

Time poverty is a real thing.

The world is always on. It’s not just New York that never sleeps; it’s the whole world.

And it’s largely in part to do with technology. Everything is instant now.

We need things, now, but we don’t have the time.


Enter on-demand delivery services.


We’ve seen companies embrace technology and use it to their advantage to make life easier

for their customers. Dominos for pizza. Woolworths for groceries.

Retail shops are going online and online retailers are opening stores.

But, many of us need more help. Young families now have two parents working.

Students are saving money, so they don’t have a car.

Busy professionals are working late in the office and miss running errands during business hours.

We fall ill, and need help with our to-do list.

As you can see, support goes further than just getting burgers or pizza delivered.


We all need personal assistants…


Don’t have time to pick up that Australia Post parcel?

Forgot to buy flowers for your friend’s birthday dinner?

Do you need to restock your wine cabinet before people arrive at 6pm?

No ice?

Can’t stop thinking about that Vietnamese roll for lunch from your favourite restaurant?

Don’t have anything to wear for a wedding this weekend?

Want food from your favourite restaurant across town?


Absolutely anything you need, Qwik Drop can deliver it.

As long as it’s easy to carry and fits in a car.


Think of us not as a delivery service, but your personal assistants.

We can pick up your dry cleaning. We can buy dog food from your local vet.

We can pick up your dinner and have it ready for delivery when you get home.

From food and entertainment, to clothes and gifts,

you can have your own personal team organise it for you.


So next time you feel like you can’t be in two places at once and need help, use Qwik Drop.


Our couriers will pick up or purchase, almost anything you need,

from any store or location, and deliver it to your door in less than an hour.

Few items or complete shopping lists, you choose! We’re ready.