Top 5 Delivery Services in Adelaide

Adelaide Delivery


Food Delivery + Snacks From Servos


Whenever you think ‘delivery’, uber comes to mind.

More specifically, Uber Eats.

With a range of restaurants listed on the app, you will definitely find something you’d like to eat.

Personally, I love that they have categorised the food so if you are after ‘vegan’ or ‘halal’, you’ll love it.

Delivery starts from $3.99 for restaurants nearby or up to $8.99 for distant restaurants.

Uber Eats now offers free delivery from restaurants that other users have recently ordered from.

You have few minutes to order from the same spot to enjoy free delivery which is otherwise charged.

You may also occasionally find free delivery offers for select restaurants.

Uber Eats does offer delivery from some convenience stores but range is limited to snacks.

A feature coming up in most delivery apps, or shall I say returning, is the pick up ordering.

You can order your takeaway on the app so its ready for pick up.

Uber Eats, in my opinion, has one of the best designed apps with intuitive functions and is easy to use.

With the introduction of Uber Rewards, you will be able to earn points on your spend and convert

them to Qantas frequent flyer points, although the conversion rate is meagre.

Great app if you are after food delivery or pick up and  love discovering new restaurants.



Food Delivery


Deliveroo entered the food delivery space after Uber Eats but has gained a huge market share since.

Usually, you’ll find the same restaurants on Uber and Deliveroo both,

but occasionally you do find restaurants that are exclusive to either Deliveroo or Uber Eats.

Your use of app may eventually be based on where you want the delivery from.

Deliveroo offers a wide range of restaurants to choose from, and has categorised the listings to help

you narrow down restaurants by cuisine, dietary preferences and specific menu items.

Pick up or takeaway pre order feature was also introduced on Deliveroo app first.

Delivery fee ranges from $3.99 to $8.99 for restaurants with in 4.5 km radius.

Unfortunately, the Deliveroo / Qantas partnership has ended so no more Qantas points earned.

Great app if you are after food pick up or delivery and love discovering new restaurants.


Qwik Drop

Delivery / Pick Up From Any Store


I’m certain there have been situations where you wanted to eat something from your favourite

restaurant, but it doesn’t deliver or isn’t listed on any of the delivery apps. You are not getting

the delivery for that one thing you’re craving so badly. Or, you are shopping online on JB Hifi,

Harvey Norman, Good Guys or some other retailer’s website and even though the store is

local, delivery for the item is 2 days from their Melbourne warehouse unless you

‘Click and Collect’. And sometimes you just don’t want to leave the house for whatever reason

and need someone to just go get what you need.

That’s exactly what Qwik Drop is for, to deliver almost anything you need!


It connects you with local couriers who can purchase or pick up, almost anything, from any

Adelaide store or location and deliver it in 30 – 90 minutes. 


Food, grocery, desserts, cakes, ice cream, flowers, gifts, alcohol, personal care, pantry essentials,

fresh produce, snacks retail items, over the counter medicine, pet supplies, documents, parcels –

Qwik Drop is what ever you want delivery!

Currently, you can order on the website only, which is mobile friendly. iOS and Android apps will

be launching in February 2020. The service is designed to be very similar to picking up or shopping

yourself. You can communicate with your courier via texts and get updates from the aisles.

You can even add your rewards card or loyalty card to order page or give your barcode image to  the

courier to scan for you and not miss on any points like Flybuys or Woolworths rewards.

Delivery fee starts from $9 for stores with in 3 KMs or $12 for stores with in 6 KMs.

There is a 3% service fee is you get the courier to make purchases, but, you can save that by ordering

directly with the store, like click and collect or phone order, and get Qwik Drop to pick up and deliver.

Great service when you need more than just food delivered or even just food, from any restaurant.



Food Delivery


Surely you have seen their huge posters on the side of public buses.

Or the ‘Did somebody say Menulog’ tagline on Radio or TV.

Originally an online food ordering platform only with restaurants handling the delivery,

Menulog has now started delivering. Delivery can be free or ranges from $2.5 to $10.

Similar to Uber Eats and Deliveroo, Menulog offers delivery from a variety of restaurants

and you’d be sure to find something to eat. Personally, I find a lot more restaurants on

Menulog, for pick up and delivery, than other delivery apps.

With a Velocity partnership, you can earn a generous amount of velocity points on your spend.



Asian Food Delivery


EASI claims to be Australia’s best Asian food delivery service operating in most major cities.

Food delivery already being a competitive space, EASI is going for the Asian food segment.

Similar to other delivery apps, it lists restaurants that you can browse and order from.

You may have seen their couriers on electric bikes in the city delivering food.

Unfortunately, they do not deliver in all suburban areas like Uber Eats or Deliveroo, but,

if you are after a large variety of Asian cuisine, EASI beats other delivery apps in their range.

Personally, I downloaded the EASI app along with another app called ‘Hark Hark’ and my

Android smartphone gave me a malware warning recommending I delete both apps.

So read some reviews on App Store and see what others are saying before downloading.